Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PURE/The Lightning Seeds

While cruising my hometown mall on a recent respite from NYC, in search of a rubber raft to float down the Coles River, I heard “Pure” come over the PA system. It still weirds me out to hear “alternative” music in settings where it would literally have been unheard of back in the so-called day, but if the Fall can lend their music to sell Mitsubishi SUVs on TV then I guess anything is possible. I shouldn’t have been too surprised, though. I mean this song is the definition of inoffensive, which may be why I don't think I thought much of it or the Lightning Seeds in the early ‘90s – despite Ian Broudie having been the producer of one of my favorite records, Echo and the Bunnymen’s Porcupines. But I’ve got to hand it to him now; he wrote the perfect song for a Saturday afternoon at Sears. This little pop confection was muzak to my ears.

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Peter said...

That's a fun song. Is that really the same Ian Broudie?

Hey don't forget we're going to see Echo at Radio City on WEd. October 1.